Planning Your Move
Author: Planning Your Move    Date Published: 24 August 2017

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1. Valuables and Important Documents

  • Keep your valuables (such as cameras, silverware collections and expensive gadgets) on your person, if possible. If you can't bury it in a box labeled "office supplies".
  • Check your homeowners insurance to see what is covered, and contact your furniture removal company to find out if you need additional insurance.
  • Ensure that you have appraisals, photos and receipts of the items in case of a claim.
  • Keep your important documents (moving company quotes, bank statements, identity documents, school records, photo albums, birth certificates, marriage or divorce papers, home sale documents and medical documents) with you. It would be a good idea to scan all these documents and keep it on a USB drive, in case it is damaged or lost.
  • Hire a moving company to move your piano and pets.

2. Budgeting

  • Save money on your move by getting rid of everything you don't need to take along.
  • Some things are cheaper to replace than to move, so budget wisely.

3. Moving In and Out

  • If you're moving nearby, go give the new house a good cleanup with your own cleaning materials before you move in - especially the kitchen and bathroom.
  • Take photos of your old, cleaned-out home when you leave to send to your landlord to ensure you get your deposit back.
  • Take photos and make notes of repairs required in your new home before you move in.


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